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This film is showing on Sundance Channel currently, in it’s Festival Version (i.e. with the Pink Floyd music). I can’t imagine them using Tangerine Dream instead of the Floyd…The film is murky in it’s storytelling. The plot, if you call it one, is not particularly new, but it bears paying attention to. For the life of me, and I was following quite closely, I couldn’t figure out the main character’s NAMES! I’m not sure they were even mentioned! The lead actress is incredibly attractive, if pouty throughout the entire piece. The other actresses have that same sensibility, if they aren’t featured very much. I suppose the boys are good looking as well.It’s a beautifully framed film, the mese en scene is particularly noteworthy, however, it’s 96 minute run time is at least 10 minutes too long, and the lack of a cohesive narrative will put most off.Additionally, the white subtitles are very difficult to read in spots. I can’t understand why someone would put white subtitles on a black and white film. Yellow would have been a much better choice.

À Tout de Suite (2004) Movie Data

À Tout de Suite (2004) is Crime Drama Romance Genres film which released in 2004. À Tout de Suite (2004) supported by Nicolas Duvauchelle, Isild Le Besco, and Ouassini Embarek. This movie has 1h 35min duration and rating around 6.5 star from 887 movie experts. Not bad.

À Tout de Suite (2004) Short Storyline

A girl from bourgeoisie discovers the pleasures of banditism, following her lover in his lifestyle.

Actor Actress behind À Tout de Suite (2004) Movie

Isild Le Besco,Ouassini Embarek,Nicolas Duvauchelle
Director: Benoît Jacquot
Writer: Benoît Jacquot

À Tout de Suite (2004) PLOT STORY

A school girl falls for a charming young man. After news about a botched bank robbery in which a guard is killed, she learns that her boyfriend was one of the robbers. She decides to hide him and his friends and then they all sneak out of the country. After hiding out and spending all the money, tempers rise and the group splits up. This forces the girl to work her own way back home and deal with her actions and her separation from her boyfriend.

A girl from bourgeoisie discovers the pleasures of banditism, following her lover in his lifestyle.

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