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As a general rule, I normally don’t post comments unless I have enough time to write a thorough review, and have given it much thought before hand. I’m sorry, but even though it’s 2am, I can’t bear to go to sleep and let the review before me just sit there. Obviously the reviewer before me seems to have no idea that the complicities that arise from the various plots go back to Shakespeare himself – and it is a great achievement by this film to manage to keep all the plates spinning and all the stories interesting.I am amazed by this film. I am a life-long Shakespeare fan and it’s great to see a faithful American production. The British/American cast all worked fantasically well together – Christian Bale, Anna Friel, Dominic West, and Calista Flockheart were all perfectly cast as the four lovers. The fairies and the actors both worked very well to frame the story – and the director has managed to keep it both visually unique and incredibly entertaining.I’m not quite sure why they decided to change the location from Greece to Italy, but in an age where Kenneth Branagh is trying to make a 1940s musical out of Love’s Labour’s Lost, I say, the changes could be a lot worse. All in all, this is a very impressive adaptation. I’m just happy to see that Shakespeare hasn’t lost his appeal to modern audiences.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) Movie Data

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) is Romance Comedy Fantasy Genres film which released in 1999. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) supported by Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Everett, and Kevin Kline. This movie has 1h 56min duration and rating around 6.5 star from 21,813 movie experts. Not bad.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) Short Storyline

Lovers’ lives are complicated by city law, feuding faerie royalty, and… love.

Actor Actress behind A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) Movie

Kevin Kline,Michelle Pfeiffer,Rupert Everett
Director: Michael Hoffman
Writer: William Shakespeare

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1999) PLOT STORY

Shakespeare’s intertwined love polygons begin to get complicated from the start–Demetrius and Lysander both want Hermia but she only has eyes for Lysander. Bad news is, Hermia’s father wants Demetrius for a son-in-law. On the outside is Helena, whose unreturned love burns hot for Demetrius. Hermia and Lysander plan to flee from the city under cover of darkness but are pursued by an enraged Demetrius (who is himself pursued by an enraptured Helena). In the forest, unbeknownst to the mortals, Oberon and Titania (King and Queen of the faeries) are having a spat over a servant boy. The plot twists up when Oberon’s head mischief-maker, Puck, runs loose with a flower which causes people to fall in love with the first thing they see upon waking. Throw in a group of labourers preparing a play for the Duke’s wedding (one of whom is given a donkey’s head and Titania for a lover by Puck) and the complications become fantastically funny.

Shakespeare’s comedy about two couples in love with the wrong partners, and how they are finally brought together rightly, thanks in part to the bungling work of Puck. It is completely in the language of the Bard, with Pfeiffer as the Fairy Queen and Kline as the one turned into her evening’s lover with donkey ears.

Monte Atena, nella campagna toscana, agli inizi del Novecento. Egeo, notabile locale, vorrebbe che la figlia Ermia sposasse Demetrio, giovane benestante, ma la ragazza ama, ricambiata, Lisandro. Perciò i due giovani amanti decidono di fuggire nella foresta, dove si sono recati anche lo stesso Demetrio ed Elena, che lo ama inutilmente. Il tutto sullo sfondo dei preparativi per le nozze del duca Teseo con Ippolita. Le vicende si intrecciano con quelle di una scalcagnata compagnia di comici che spera di recitare alla presenza del duca e con le schermaglie fra Oberon e Titania, re e regina di elfi e fate della foresta. Le scorribande amorose si complicheranno maggiormente a causa del maldestro intervento del folletto Puck, paggio di Oberon. Alla fine, come nelle migliori tradizioni, tutto si aggiusta e le nozze celebrate…….saranno tre !

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