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I didn’t expect this quality.Some made a comparison with House of cards or Mad men.I couldn’t disagree more.I think this show is far BETTER than those ones.First, it does not fall into the usual traps of Us series like Damages or House of Cards, who tend to develop far too complicated plots. Of course 1992 tells a complex story with dozens of different characters, but the plot is not over complicated and remains terribly realistic. I am starting to be reeeeeally fed up with those plots with countless twists and turns, with presumably good persons who turn out to be horrible and vice-versa, and then the opposite, and so on, until a point where you don’t understand anything and, worse, you don’t see the point in watching the program anymore.1992 has not this default. The 10-episodes finally appear to be ONE, consistent story, not so complicated in the end.Second, specific attention has been drawn to ALL the characters. They could definitely exist in real life. Not only the main characters, but also the secondary ones (the politicians like Nobile, the Judge Di Pietro, Notte’s daughter, etc.), and this is stunning.Third, many different universes are depicted. Where most of the traditional TV shows tend to focus on ONE, determined universe, the authors of 1992 have decided to juxtapose at least 3 different worlds : politics, justice, and advertising. This is amazingly well done. Each of these universes is depicted with a different atmosphere and a specific attention. In particular, the politic world is fantastically depicted (the national assembly, the way the parliament members impose discipline on the party sections, the lobbying, the electoral campaign, and so on). I couldn’t remember any TV show or movie showing so many details of the “political cookery”.The dialogues reflect the specificity of each of these worlds, which is, also, impressing. Because you do not speak the same way in the parliament or in the office of the general attorney. And they are often very funny, too.Fourth, the plot has a meaning. I mean, of course, the first priority is to watch a TV show with an exciting plot (and it is), good dialogues (and they definitely are) and characters. But this show gives more. It offers a certain vision of human societies (could have been the same story in ancient Rome, or almost). And when a good story offers a vision, I call it literature. Good literature!

1992 (TV Series 2015– ) Movie Data

1992 (TV Series 2015– ) is Drama Genres film which released in . 1992 (TV Series 2015– ) supported by Miriam Leone, Stefano Accorsi, and Guido Caprino. This movie has duration and rating around 7.3 star from 1,036 movie experts. Not bad.

1992 (TV Series 2015– ) Short Storyline

Follows six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape of early 90’s Italy.

Actor Actress behind 1992 (TV Series 2015– ) Movie

Stefano Accorsi,Guido Caprino,Miriam Leone
Director: Alessandro Fabbri
Writer: Stefano Accorsi

1992 (TV Series 2015– ) PLOT STORY

The early 1990s was an explosive period in Italian political history, notably for the “Clean Hands” (Mani Pulite) investigation that led to the collapse of The First Republic – Italy’s first post war government. At the heart of the story are six individuals caught in the eye of the storm, which began with the arrest of the left-wing politician Mario Chiesa. As Italy struggled to put an end to large-scale political corruption, thousands of individuals from the police, mafia, public service and politics came under the microscope – some even committed suicide.

Follows six people whose lives are intertwined with the rapidly changing political landscape of early 90’s Italy.

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